All authors get behind in their day to day activities. A PA can help keep them organized and on point when it comes to release day, newsletters, or emailing their ARC team. These are some of the services a PA can provide for their authors.

Currently, E.M. is a PA for USA Today Bestselling Author S.M. Blooding, the owner of Real Indie Author. Some of the services E.M. provides to clients include:

  • Newsletter swaps
    • These can be through social media or BookBoast
  • Newsletter builders
    • These are run with a group of authors to help gain fresh newsletter subscribers. Currently, E.M. runs builders for those in the supernatural and urban fantasy genres.
  • Manage review teams
    • E.M. manages this through your email account and lets the team know that she is your personal assistant. Any messages they have still come to you.
  • Handle distribution of ARCs for review
  • Post advertisements on social media
  • Help filling out spreadsheets
  • Updating websites
  • Answering emails and general correspondence

She brings seven years of office experience from corporate businesses to this particular service. These services can be tailored to your business needs.

Prices range depending on the number of hours each month. Currently, E.M. has the following rates:

  • 15 hours a month – $150
  • 25 hours a month – $250

E.M. is willing to work with clients who need more complex services. Please email her with your needs for your custom quote.This service requires a 50% deposit before any work is completed, and can be billed month to month as a retainer package.


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Authors, business owners and even Fortune 500 companies are using eBook publishing to get their content out to the general public. Having an eBook is imperative to publishing on platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks. Even newsletter subscribers receive a free PDF or ebook when they sign up to services like MailChimp, Shopify, REI and other name brand companies.

Prices range depending on the complexity of formatting, deadline for completion, and if other preliminary work is required. This service requires full payment before E.M. begins on this project.

To get your quote, contact E.M. today.


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E.M. has worked with novelists and business owners to establish core objectives to get their message across, whether it’s through business or creative writing. This service is ideal for business owners who need help getting their ideas together, or novelists with the following issues:

*Unconnected and/or dropping storylines with no resolution;
*Lost action and dialogue in scenes due to rewrites or language translations;
*Using wrong words or descriptions during key points;
*Never knowing where to end a scene, or
*Not writing to what most readers in your genre are looking for.

If you need assistance with getting your business back on track, contact E.M. today for a quote.

Note: Due to her own novel-writing schedule, E.M. takes a limited number of clients per month for this service. Her primary expertise lies with business copy and creative writing, particularly with supernatural, paranormal thrillers, or epic/urban fantasy genres.


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For blog posts and articles only, E.M’s rate is 0.06 cents per word, with a minimum of 450 words per order. The only exception is with SEO articles.

For SEO, E.M. does not accept clients who request articles with ‘keyword-stuffing’, since it is against Google Adwords and Amazon’s terms of service.

Her specialties lie within following niches:

  • Criminal justice (Accredited with a Masters degree in this field)
    • Psychology and criminology
    • Criminal law and policy administration
    • Investigative procedures
    • Forensic evidence analysis
  • Mental health and psychiatric disorders
    • Includes past and current treatment plans, medications, case studies and research articles
  • Health and nutrition
    • Gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyles (recipies, recommendations and issues)
    • Vaping and holistic treatment remedies
  • e-Commerce and SEO articles (with reasonable keywords and without keyword stuffing)
  • WordPress
  • Computer and tech
  • Writing and publishing
    • self-published and hybrid publishing


For a quote, contact E.M. today.

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Other services E.M. provides include:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Academic research (APA and MLA formats)
  • Professional proofing, editing and formatting with APA/MLA research papers in the following areas:
    • dissertations
    • literature reviews
    • Powerpoint presentations
    • case studies
    • discussion questions
  • White papers
  • Case studies (business or academic)
  • Professional sales copy
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Press releases
  • Social media posts
  • WordPress website management and creation

For a customized quote within the competitive market, contact E.M. today. Samples are available by request only.

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See what E.M.’s clients say about her services and work ethic.


I’ve worked with E.M. Whittaker as an editor, and alongside her running newsletter builders. Both times she has been the perfect professional. She takes suggestion well, is communicative, and is someone I would never hesitate to work with again. Plus, it helps that she’s an amazing author!

E.M. Whittaker is a serious writer, who is prompt in her deadlines, barring severe illness, detail oriented, does copious amounts of research, and has a very friendly attitude. She has created papers on numerous subjects and topics and has experience in MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting.

Working with +E.M. Whittaker was a great experience. She’s professional, patient, and accommodating. I recommend her to anyone in the blogging circuit, she’s a great one to follow by email, undoubtedly! Working with her was painless and stress free. I look forward to do so again.

I hired +E.M. Whittaker for proofing Winter Wolf, and I’m really pleased with her work so far. Good turnaround speed and pretty flexible! She’s also pretty good at catching mistakes and isn’t shy about asking questions if she sees something that catches her attention.

E.M is not only a trusted colleague but she is a great friend. We have helped each other with our new business ventures. We were both just starting out, and with her support I have had the courage to continue building my business. With her continued support, I know my business will be everything I hoped for.

Her work ethic is strong, as well as her honesty and integrity. These were the characteristics that really drew me to her. She has an incredible way with words and puts them together eloquently. She is a true breath of fresh air, and would be a huge asset to any client.

I was extremely pleased with how quickly E.M. was able to assist with a simple task I needed done. She has taught me much and I am impressed by her professionalism. I’m glad she was recommended to me!

E.M. is both professional and timely on all of her projects. We appreciate that she is always available when we need her and her work has been superior. Thank you for all the help and we are looking forward to a long working relationship.

I have worked with Ms. Whittaker for a number of years and she is a very intelligent, highly motivated young lady. She is trustworthy, dependable, and is always willing to go the extra mile on her assignments.



 The projects below showcase E.M.’s other projects. 

Writing samples are available by request only.


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