Click the tabs to see valuable writing resources and individuals recommended in the community.

Cover Your Dreams: Recommended by several fellow self-published authors. Does eBook and print covers in several genres.

Jess Buffett: Another recommended cover artist by self published indies. She focuses on mainly romance covers.

Chris Howard: Author and watercolor cover artist who does sci-fi and fantasy covers.
**Famous for R.J. Blain’s covers and several other authors. Well worth the price for the quality of his pieces.

Harvey Bunda: Cover artist who has anime and realistic style drawing. Has worked for LucasFilm, Mattel and Curiousity Quills publishing house.
**Commissioned for promotional art for E.M.’s paranormal series, The Renegades Saga. Used on

Holly Heisey: Cover artist who specializes in sci-fi and fantasy covers, but has worked with different genres. Holly’s done a wide range of genre covers for various publishing houses such as Windrift Books, Phoenix Pick/Arc Manor, Splashdown Books, and Port Yonder Press.
**Commissioned for all covers in E.M.’s paranormal series, The Renegades Saga.

Courtney Cannon: Owner of Fiction-Atlas Author Services, Courtney also makes covers for ebooks and print. Her portfolio is available on her website and on Facebook.

Writing Career: This is a call for submission page, which is updated frequently. Self pubbed and traditional authors can break out by submitting to a short story anthology for some exposure before their “big debut” with their own novel.

Manuscript (MS) Wish List: A site for agents to post their wishes for manuscript submissions. Authors who want traditional publication should go here first to see who is looking for their genre. VERY reputable in the writing community.


EV Proofreading: Shay VanZwoll works with those in small presses and indie authors. She offers developmental editing, proofreading and line editing for a reasonable price, versed in a wide range of genres. She’s also translated books in various languages for publishers outside the United States.

Her partner, Victoria Dreyer, formats printed and ebooks for indie writers and small publishers. These two work side by side on various projects, including translations.

Fiction-Atlas Author Services: Courtney Cannon’s developed a following on Facebook and remains active in writing groups, offering her expertise to new and veteran writers in the community. Those seeking an American editor can find Courtney through her website or through her Facebook business page, which offers over 25 testimonials about her services.

Because she’s gotten testimonials for her editing and cover art, Courtney is listed in both the editor and cover art section of the resources page.

Tabitha Ormiston-Smith: An Australian editor who edits novels, short fiction and some academic material. She also helps new authors by offering special editing services for their first manuscripts. Tabitha is active on the Facebook writing communities, and has been known to correct spelling at any point in time.

If you’re looking for an editor who’s honest, yet blunt, consider Tabitha’s services. Your writing will improve by the time she’s done looking over your manuscript.

Hire Writers: They pay small at first, but most articles on the beginner level are $1.50+. That’s a quarter page typed. Most writers usually have no problem with this.

Elance: You can find all sorts of client jobs, not just about article writing. Many virtual assistant colleagues swear by this over oDesk. That’s why this is included here.

Writtent: This site can be hit or miss. They pay well for their articles but it varies depending on content. Must be an advanced writer and take a test to get with this company. Pay out through Paypal.

Problogger: Great freelancing site for those who write articles or do ghostwriting.

Andy Peloquin: Website for Andy Peloquin, author of The Last Bucelarii series. He’s currently with two publishing houses, but Andy’s blog offers weekly book reviews and writing tips! In addition, he’s prolific for panels on Youtube and endless promotion opportunities.

If you’re looking for professional advice about writing, head to Andy’s site and sign up for his newsletter, where he mails unpublished short stories to his readers.

On Writing: Website for prolific author R.J. Blain’s and her dystopian pen name, Trillian Anderson. Not only does R.J. share her personal experiences about writing for both self and traditional publishing, she also shows financial proof from her earnings to make valid points about what methods work for self-published authors, including the Kindle Unlimited program.

Her site is a great resource for new authors and seasoned veterans to learn from. As a former NaNoWriMo ML, she offers hints and tips on how to deal with NaNo and storybuilding techniques.

BookCountry: A site where you can publish drafts and have the community review them. Agents from Penguin have been known to query members and consider them for publication.

Bowker: A reputable source in the industry to purchase ISBNs from. For anyone who wants to sell eBooks on Amazon, Smashwords, or any other platform.

PaperBackSwap: Great place not only to find old out of print books, but for finding resources and enjoyable books. Only pay for shipping most of the time.

Authonomy: Another site where you can publish your manuscript for critique. This one is from HarperCollins, a traditional publishing house. Sometimes agents query members and consider them for publication.

Ingram Content GroupA resource for any writer. When preparing for a book signing at Barnes and Noble or a bookstore, they are allowed to order your books through Ingram. This is one of two publishers that traditional stores will allow indie books to be ordered from. One of the BEST distributors of content.

Baker & Taylor: Another resource for the same reason as Ingram. Brick and mortar stores can also order traditional and indie books from here. Number 2 in distribution in the country.


Small Publishing Houses

J Ellington Ashton Press: This house specializes in horror and dark fantasy.

Nightchaser Ink Publishing: This small publishing house specializes in erotica, romance and fantasy serials, novellas and novels.



Warning Sites

These are places that all writers or people involved with the community can go to when they need to check out the credibility of a person or company.

Preditor & Editors

Absolute Writes Forum

Writers Beware

Scrivener: This is the tool I use to help me put my parts in order and organize all my notes. They have different pricing options, but you can do a free trial to see if it works for you. Compatible with Mac and Windows, which is a plus.

ProWritingAid: An editing tool used either on their website or as an add-on with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It is $40 for a year subscription, but you can use the 14 day free trial to assess if you need it or not.

Microsoft Office: Believe it or not, some people opt to not have these essential software installed. If you find you need it, head on over and see what plan works for you. 🙂 If you use Scrivener, you’ll need Word eventually when you compile the document.

OpenOffice: For those who aren’t fond of Microsoft or are using software which isn’t compatible, OpenOffice emulates Microsoft Office. At the time of this posting, the software is free, but I recommend sticking with Microsoft if you can afford to pay for it.

Google Docs: A Word processing software Google offers. Can be good when you’re in a fix and don’t have Word.

Facebook groups will be updated. Keep in mind – you need permission to join most of these groups, as they are monitored by admins.


Groups for Advertising

Advertise Your Books: Just as it sounds, you can post links to your books. All genres welcomed. No rules, except that they ask you to sign up with another writer’s site. They also have a twitter hashtag #PDF1. They also have resources to help you market your books better.
**If you have editorial, formatting or proofreading services, you may promote those in this group.

Bookpalooza!: Per their description: For book releases, for authors to ask questions related to writing, for readers to find books or meet authors, to discuss the craft of writing, and where we can debate literature (even our own) as adults. Books, Readers, Writers, Artists, Journalists, Bloggers, Music Fiends. (and friends of those !) Snark, sarcasm, and humor is encouraged, Angst, drama, and whining is banned. Big girl panties please!

Dark Fiction Writers, Readers, and Artists: Per their description: This is a place for creators of dark fiction and art to come together and discuss their new works, convention appearances, interviews, reviews, and anything else of interest to the community at large.

Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural: Straightforward group. Remain in these genres for posting about your work. This includes sales links, blurbs and other promotional things relating to your novel(s)/series.

Promote Your Book!: Self explanatory. Any genre welcomed.


Groups for Open Calls and Submission Entries

Call for Submissions: QUILTBAG: This focuses on markets not normally advertised. A lot of calls I’ve seen involved LGBT themed, or into transgendered and non-binary submissions and characters.
*Paid and non-paid advertised here.

Open Call: Crime, Thriller, Mystery Markets: Self explanatory. Per their description: A place for Publishers and Writers to post open calls for crime, thriller or mystery publications. All posts MUST have viable links.
*Paid and non-paid advertised here.

Open Submission Calls for Horror/Paranormal/Mystery/SciFi Writers: Self explanatory.
*Paid and non-paid advertised here.

Open Call: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Pulp Markets: Per their description: This is a group for Publishers, Editors and Writers to post open calls for science fiction, fantasy, or pulp fiction publications.
**Paid and non-paid advertised here.


Groups for Interaction

Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans: This group is for those who write dystopian, apocalyptic or post apocalyptic. Can be within different genres, such as horror or paranormal.  This group is big on supporting its members with interviews, release parties and recommendations for cover artists, editors and critique.
**Please read rules carefully.

Better Writer’s Group: A smaller spin-off of Writer’s Group, a few from different publishing houses branched off to be able to help a smaller amount of writers. More active than Writer’s Group.

Creatures, Crime and Creativity: Per their description: Our purpose is to gather readers and writers of all genre fiction; including mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. Run by author Austin Camacho, who’s a swell fellow.

Horde of Witty Wordsmiths: Per their description: This is a group for any and all writers–novelists, poets, screenwriters–the lot of ’em (anyone related to writing or the art of writing or the industry). You do NOT have to have been published to be a member.
*Requirement is you must participate in the group or you will be removed.

Scrivener Users: For those who use Scrivener to draft and compile their novels in Word. Hints, tips and tricks are shared here, as well as resolving technical issues with the software.
**Resource for the tool is in the “Tools” tab.

The Writers Hub: Run by author I.J. Smith, this group is the same as Horde of Witty Wordsmiths, but seems to be focused on dystopian, fantasy, horror and paranormal stories. There are selected posts for each kind of section (promotion, blurbs, feedback), so follow the formats.

Wicked Little Things: A radio show run by Catt Dahman from J.Ellington Ashton Press. Catt interviews authors (new and veteran) while covering news and themes within the horror community. Fun little show 🙂

Writers’ Group: One of the biggest writing groups on Facebook, writers of all levels are encouraged to share their knowledge with veteran and fledgling writers. As far as I know, any service can be promoted here, including editorial, proofing and formatting.
**As long as it pertains to writing, the mod will allow it.

Writers Helping Writers: Self explanatory. Please read rules before posting.

Writer’s Workout: Per their description: The Writer’s Workout is a writing community of people who are actively writing (or want to). We have weekly motivation, discussions, and prompts! We have prompt contests! We have workshops with actual published authors! We are the home of the Writer’s Games, and we are a bully free, PROMOTION FREE zone.

Writer’s Workout Critiques: A subsidiary group to Writer’s Workout. Membership must be approved, but very good source for feedback about drafts and characterization.


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