Renowned as the Poisoner of Charm City, Aviere’s interested in achieving her biggest dreams – professional street racing and investigating her loved one’s disappearance.


A fateful day during the Viper’s prime cost Aviere her dream, her friends, and her husband. Devastated, her two best friends distanced themselves and told her not to pursue the matter. After a series of mysterious deaths occur in Charm City, Sanderson recruited Aviere into the Renegades with two new partners – a reckless telepath mage and a hacker hell bent on taking down shifters and mages. While working for them, she reforms the Vipers with her brothers, Maurice and Limere, to find the closure their family needs.

Despite her vast experience working for the Underground, Aviere understands the rules constantly change. After her previous employer pinned her for murder, Aviere realizes she’ll need more than previous connections to secure a racing sponsor who’s willing to assist her growth professionally- or overlook her new job and trigger-happy partners.



A cleaner telepath mage working for the Renegades and the FBI, Travis’ mission is to protect Aviere Mye from getting them killed – or indulging in personal vengeance against his wife’s killer.


When Travis apprehended the Poisoner, he thought of personal agenda – use Aviere to find Lyssa’s killer and dispose of her before Lowell Sanderson acquired her. However, after his interrogation, Aviere leaves him with more questions than answers and learns Sanderson torments Aviere about her husband’s disappearance. But instead of heartbreak like Travis’ previous partners, Aviere fought, bordering on a death wish from Lowell Sanderson after their assignment.

As Travis partners with Aviere, he begins warming to shifters and mages, despite Aviere’s wacky acquaintances. When Travis and Peters discover the reason Sanderson acquired Aviere Mye, the two realize Aviere’s a direct link to their real target – Lyssa’s killer.

Travis and Aviere’s partnership grows as their tragic circumstances bound them out of necessity, but Travs worries Aviere’s friendship and circumstances will cost him everything he’s fought to protect –  including Peters’ life and Travis’ self preservation.


A FBI agent with a strong hatred for shifters and the paranormal, Peters is recruited into the Renegades as a hostage for Travis’ forced cooperation with Aviere Mye.

Peters’ hatred for shifters stems from his sister’s brutal murder and harbors a grudge against Travis about Lyssa’s death. Despite his reservations about using Travis’ abilities and growing resentment for losing his promotion prospects in the FBI, Peters agrees to help Travis as long as he doesn’t get fired. Soon his motive changes to escape, desperate to return to normalcy instead of dealing with Aviere Mye and Sanderson’s growing feud.

Once Peters works alongside Aviere and Travis, he begins questioning his reservations, hating empathizing with his Renegade cohorts. However, this empathy shows Peters a different side of Charm City and renews his determination to save the city he fought to protect.

But Aviere Mye and Sanderson’s feud awake Peters’ curiosity and he finds himself investigating their hidden agenda, despite risking his life and career.


A reformed drug dealer, Limere’s responsible for Travis’ development as a telepath mage while seeking redemption from his younger sister and brother.


Once a well-known drug dealer for the Zodiac Cartel in Central Baltimore, Limere retired after betraying his family for his growing drug addiction. After five years in prison and being granted parole, Limere’s fighting his ex-girlfriend about returning to the Cartel, even after threatening his family and current girlfriend.

When Aviere’s tagged to work with the Renegades, Limere senses Travis’ undeveloped potential, but sees the agent as a liability. Fearing Travis will end up like Limere, he trains him on using his telepathic powers, if only for Aviere’s personal benefit.

Limere’s quest for redemption is tried with trials, but keeping Aviere and Maurice alive remains his top priority while finding his missing brother in law. While Limere begins repairing his family life, his magical powers remain unchecked and he starts losing control, to where drugs stop masking his growing insanity. However, as his relationship with Aviere, Maurice and his friends strengthen, Limere wonders if revealing the truth about his actions will redeem him or ostracize him once again.


A budding fashion designer who abhors the Underground, yet forced to become an informant to protect those he holds dear.


Maurice found life hard enough as a shifter, but Aviere’s involvement with the Renegades and Limere’s ongoing drug habit caused Maurice’s growing resentment and bitterness. When they shelter him from their activities, Maurice used his business connections to investigate their secretive blight. After realizing his sister’s not the culprit behind the hierarchy’s murders, he becomes an informant for his sister in law. He even joins her racing team, despite the reservations he has about her leadership skills or her vendetta at finding his missing biological brother.

After beginning to repair his damaged family dynamic, Maurice realizes he isn’t alone. Casting aside doubts about abandonment, he fervently assists with finding answers while guiding their newest teammate out of her own personal problems. However, Maurice’s unwavering faith is tested when their oldest nemesis begins hunting his family down and collecting bounties on the people he holds dear.


Alpha of the Baltimore City Bruden Wolves, he runs Tricksters while advising his best friend and girlfriend (assisted with homemade alcohol for sanity).

Joe is the owner of Tricksters’, a mechanic shop servicing government vehicles and race cars. As Alpha of the Bruden, Joe does his best to shirk trouble away from Charm City. Aviere’s involvement with the Renegades negates his hard work and troubled memories resurface when Aviere reveals she is still looking for their long lost friend. Despite his objections, Joe is determined to support his best friend and girlfriend in their search,  but finds protecting Aviere and Jemina harder than necessary.

While Jemina gives Aviere support that Joe cannot provide, Joe questions their employer’s evasive answers to his friend’s disappearance. As they investigate leads on their own, Joe’s caught between one deceptive party and an innocent one with no idea of their upcoming betrayal. Unsure who to trust, Joe puts his faith in Aviere to right the wrongs placed upon them.

Between protecting Karyn from bounty hunters, supervising his pack, stopping Aviere from trying to get herself killed and fighting Jemina over her job, it’s no wonder Joe’s first love is alcohol – in copious amounts.

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Known as the Black Widow for her promiscuous nature ad brutal super-strength, Jemina reports to the Vulture while employed with the Renegades, trying to honor a promise requested from her missing friend.


Jemina embraced the Underground as a teenager after her family returned to Puerto Rico without her, specializing in intelligence gathering for the Vulture and the Renegades. She embraces the role of peacekeeper between the factions, but is interrupted when Aviere Mye is assigned her case. Soon, her greatest rival is showered with attention, leaving Jemina resentful about continuing to protect her best friend’s wife while Aviere hides behind everyone else.

Despite their animosity, Jemina begins to respect Aviere after finding she’s leading the search into her best friend’s disappearance. Soon, Jemina assists Aviere out of friendship, not obligation. However, Jemina worries once Aviere discovers the truth, she will lose everything accomplished in the last decade – including her greatest secret and the trust of her best friend, who remained hidden to ensure Aviere’s protection.

A automotive mechanic hiding from bounty hunters and the Red Coat Society, Karyn joins the Vipers to find closure in her fiancee’s death.
Karyn works with Joe at Trickster’s, protected by his wolves while trying to recover from her scarred past. When the Vipers acquire Karyn, she’s hopelessly addicted to Knights of Cornivea and neglects her relationships and daily responsibilities. This addiction causes a rift her adoptive in-laws, but Karyn reluctantly accepts, understanding it’s her last chance before being terminated from her employment. Forlorn and hostile about partnering with Aviere, Karyn tries her best to balance her life while hiding her electrical powers from bounty hunters and teammates.

Soon Karyn finds solstice in Limere and Maurice and bonds with them, despite Travis’ constant questions about her ex-fiancee. In the depths of her addiction and despair, the Red Coat Society begin hunting bounties of other racers at events. As her races grow deadly, Karyn must team with the Vipers and her family to overcome the tragic events of her fiancee’s death – no matter what the cost.

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The newly appointed Underboss of Charm City’s Underground, he takes the Vipers under his wing to teach Aviere and her team how to survive before war begins.
Louis knew Aviere’s mother during his prime and sees similar potential in Aviere that he saw in Myra. When he hears about Aviere’s predicament, he offers his assistance with the Renegades and a racing sponsorship – as long as she can kill her former employer before Armandi’s eliminated. Impressed by Aviere and Travis’s assistance (with some screw-ups), he makes good on his offer and takes Aviere under his wing.

A suave businessman with vast connections, Louis ensures that Aviere, her family, Travis and Peters are shielded from harm from different factions. He makes no secret about his fondness for Aviere, even fighting Lowell Sanderson and Roland Wilkerson about using her for their own devices. But when the Red Coat Society declare war and make Charm City their first causality, Armandi must do everything he can to temper Aviere and her team for their upcoming task.

However, Armandi has his own reasons for using Aviere, despite the fondness he possesses.

Leader of the Renegades, Sanderson is responsible for making sure peace remains between the factions – until he’s ready to strike with his secret weapon – Aviere Mye.
Lowell Sanderson makes no secret about using his associates, but harbors a personal grudge against his newly appointed three man cell.


Framed for murders he never committed, Gunther strives to prove his innocence without compromising his family or current location.

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