The Renegades Saga

Featuring Aviere Mye + Keith Travis


Charm City’s darkest secrets must be revealed to stop mass genocide.

Desperate to stop their own extinction, each faction implemented their version of justice by creating their own law enforcement factions. Humans used services such as the FBI, the CIA and military forces to combat the mages and shifters. The Sect created The Red Coat Society—mages who used any means necessary to recruit promising candidates while collecting bounties of high ranked shifters and killing humans.

The shifters went further, collecting people from all factions hiding behind the government to create the Renegades—outlaws hunted for their shape-shifting abilities and unique skill-sets. While the Red Coat Society extracted powers and bestowed them to their followers, the Renegades annihilated anyone who didn’t join. Some took to their responsibilities willingly, while others fought—eventually blackmailed with the price of a better life for their loved ones.

Once large enough, the Renegades created the Underground—a dark organization created to protect Charm City and serve its people, funded by illicit activities and influential individuals.

Desperate to end the war, Lowell Sanderson acquires a new agent for the Renegades others died trying to protect—Aviere Mye, a shifter with a genetic mutation and a colorful past. Responsible for her blood-borne illness, Sanderson is determined to use her as a biological weapon. Meanwhile, Aviere has her own agenda—to find out what happened to her mother and husband, who disappeared protecting her from Sanderson.

Determined to balance working for the Underground, her family business and professional street racing career, Aviere reformed the Vipers with her brothers to find her answers. Despite being linked to matching collars with her new partner, she finds herself trusting Keith Travis, no matter his unconventional methods. Bound by tragedy, the two work must together to stop the Red Coat Society from wiping out the entire population—despite opposition by other Renegades.

In order to survive, Aviere must adapt by learning who to trust and knowing who to kill. She must learn about Travis’ telepathic mage abilities and use them to her advantage while bettering herself. But most importantly, Aviere and Travis need to find who is killing their associates one by one before they become the next causalities of war.


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