The Renegades Saga

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Book One: Turbulence
Book Two: Drift
Book Three: Break
Book Four: Reclamation

Prequel: Injustice
(Featuring Keith Travis and Shawn Peters – releasing in 2018)
Prequel: Metamorphosis
(Featuring Myra Dalara and Lowell Sanderson – releasing at the end of 2018)



These feature characters either separate from main story plots or different ones within the Renegade universe.

All listed are due for release sometime in 2017. More will be updated as information is released by JEA Press.




Nocturnal Nightmares, edited by John Ledger with JEA Press.

Keith Travis fights through an illusion spell as he faces his greatest failure – Lyssa’s death. Told in first person, before all series pieces transitioned to third person POV.

This story is the premises for E.M.’s new standalone novel, Injustice, featuring Keith Travis and Shawn Peters, Aviere Mye’s partners.


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