Turbulence (Renegades Saga: Book One)
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One calculative move changed her life forever.
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About the Book

Aviere Mye thought that she’d left street racing behind after her work as poisoner and apothecary for Charm City’s crime syndicate earned her a place in the Underground.

When she is handed an opportunity to race again, she seizes it, hoping to find answers about her husband’s disappearance. But the Underground had its own plans for her. A string of murders set the authorities on her trail, forcing her to work with Keith Travis, a rogue agent with the FBI, to apprehend the culprit responsible for the crimes.

With only five days to complete the assignment before a bomb explodes, can Aviere survive both Travis and the Renegades?

Turbulence is a fast-paced urban fantasy thriller with a kick-butt heroine, her sexy race car, a rogue FBI agent, and a dynamic supporting cast of characters of shape-shifters, mages and humans. See for yourself why fans have compared this book to Fast and the Furious meets Gone in 60 Seconds and Underworld with its fast-paced action scenes, high-speed chases, and dynamic characters.

"Whittaker has a very interesting story going on here! The characters are relatable and feel much more grounded and real than many characters I have come to know in other works. Her world is full of intrigue, wonder and suspense. Underworld plots, fast cars, shape shifters and magic users working for the government come together to bring a tale that is bigger than life, yet still feels plausable. By the end of the book, I was fully invested with the characters and their struggles. I am absolutely looking forward to the next book in the series and continuing to follow them on their journey."
– Robert Muller
"Recommended for those who love playing or watching Need for Speed and The Fast and the Furious franchises. This is what these movies would read like in print...with a paranormal twist."
"This book is like Gone in 60 Seconds meets Underworld. There is SO much going on, and the book is so fast paced you are running to keep up, but you do not mind AT ALL!" This book was a combination of so many things I love! Not only is this an urban fantasy book dealing with paranormal creatures, crime lords, car racing and magic! I couldn't believe how much was packed into this novel, and yet nothing yet out of place! The author took the time to really let us get to know the key characters, as well as the city itself.
Coming upon a paranormal mystery with perfect male-female dynamics that don't include romance should be put next to "impossible" in the dictionary. Not anymore. Turbulence, the debut effort from indie author Whittaker is a start-to-finish thrill ride of monsters, magic, mystery, and a distinct lack of romantic interest. I don't even ship the main characters, Mye and Travis: they work together with barely concealed hostility and that's it. They have a rapport that works well for the genre and engages the reader. I really felt like I was reading about two real people. The action is well-written, fast-paced, and descriptive. Possibly some of the best action scenes I've read lately. The characters are realistic, and the plot moves along well enough and ends where some things are resolved but you know another book is coming.
This is a great read! It has action, mystery, thrill, and a possible I've interest but not like a romance move at all! If you like the paranormal, shifters, thrillers and dystopia, then you have to read this book!
– Tonya Mann
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