Writers and Thought Disorder

Thought disorder focuses on several things but can be broken down into four families of categories. They are pressured speech, thought blocking, disordered or disorganized thoughts, and perceptional experiences.

As you can imagine, this presents a challenge—both to writers and for their editors.

POV Changes in Chapters: When To Properly Use Them!

When we write about certain characters, we elect an emotional response from each reader. Men will react differently to certain situations than women, such as when confronted or in harm’s way. Women react worse in emotional situations, confrontation or when they’ve made a mistake versus the opposite sex.

Therefore, it’s best to consider each character’s reactions, emotions, and stances when electing to use a point of view.

Writing Tool: ProWritingAid

DISCLAIMER: All editing software should be used at the discretion of the writer. Editing tools are NOT substitutes for editors to assist with your novel or book. This should be used to help your writing BEFORE editing so you turn in a cleaner copy. PLEASE USE AN EDITOR IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EXTENSIVE EDITS OR ...

How Do You Figure Out Your Rate?

Many small business owners, internet marketers and editors make the same mistake when starting their business: thinking small and taking anyone they can just to make money. While they think that this is the right thing to do, they are setting themselves up for disaster. If you want to be successful in your business, you have ...

Showing Vs. Telling Resource – Emotion Thesaurus

How many of us struggle with this issue? I know those writing sometimes know the terms, but can’t determine how to do it properly in a scene. Sometimes I get that way too. But there are wonderful resources to help you in times of need. One resource I found from a beta reader called the Emotion Thesaurus, ...


Has anyone ever heard of the fluff bunny? Here is what he looks like.   Here is the one who wants to slay the fluff bunny.     Now, did I need to start my blog post out by showing you these things? No. I didn't. But I did. And it grabbed your attention, didn't it? Good, sit down for a few minutes. Grab ...

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