Product Review: Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the world’s top writing editing software programs. Between its versatility in academic, business, creative, technical, medical, novel and blog writing, it has some differences between its rival, ProWritingAid.

From Fanfiction to Original Fiction Writing

Today I'd like go over when it is important to transition away from fanfiction and into the realm of original fiction. There is someone I know who loves fanfiction--we will call her T. T calls today and tells me she has this epic fanfiction going on, that she has thousands of comments and that it's 1,000+ ...


I'd like to talk to you about mistakes, because you're going to make them no matter what. Psst--I'll tell you a secret. I never would sound so professional some days if it wasn't for spell checker. I typo professionally like nobody's business when I get going in my document or even with blog postings ^_^ But with ...

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