Drift – Release Day

Fans have already compared Turbulence to Fast and the Furious meets Gone in 60 Seconds and Underworld. Drift, book two in the Renegades Saga, continues Aviere’s journey with dynamic fast-paced action scenes, heart-stopping thrills and chronicles her unit’s rite-of-passage within Charm City’s corrupted government organizations.

Turbulence Sales Promotion

Before I get to another author interview this week, I'll be posting two separate blog posts tonight. The first is that I have a sale on the ebook version of Turbulence until Friday. This means that it will stay at .99 cents and gradually increase back to the $2.99 price point by Friday. If you've waited for ...

Book Review: Stake-Out by Lucy Luchesi

Stake-Out: Book One in the Paranormal Detectives series. I met Lily Luchesi at a release party for Andy Peloquin and she had somewhat of the same premise as my books, so I decided to give her first book a try. While life prevented me from reading this book all night, it took me four sessions ...

Turbulence Pre-Ordering and Novel Progress

This book is recommended for those who are into urban fantasy and paranormal with mystery, suspense and thriller elements (with a bit of dark humor thrown in). This also appealed to anime fans, because some of the characters are quirky, like the female lead who poisons people, races cars and tries to run from the mafia while dressed like a 70’s child. Oh, and getting hunted by the feds because of her profession, unaware that’s he’s a professional hitman dressed like a homicide detective.

Renegades Face Off (Promotion for Turbulence)

Authors can choose which character they’d like to “face off” against Aviere’s crew. Any genre and author is welcome to participate, even if they’re releasing their first book. 🙂

Beneath a Blood Moon – Witch and Wolf Standalone

Beneath a Blood Moon showcases a new character from the Witch and Wolf series. Being a fan of R.J. Blain, I bought it - but it took a while to get time to read it. I'm glad I did, because this book showcases her abilities as a writer better than her previous works. (Not that ...

Cover Art Reveal!

While I'm waiting for a final date for Turbulence's release, I'd like to present the redone blurb and book cover, courtesy of Holly Heisey! She did a really phomenial job with Aviere's design and I'm happy to announce she'll be working on the rest of the covers for The Renegades Saga.   One calculative move changed her ...

Winter Wolf By R.J. Blain ~Book Review~

    Winter Wolf is the second book in Blain’s Witch and Wolf novels, but this does not need to be read in sequential order. This is the first series I’ve read with this premise. However, I read her last book, thinking that it would be along the same lines. Her first story POV is the same kind ...

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