Writers and Thought Disorder

Thought disorder focuses on several things but can be broken down into four families of categories. They are pressured speech, thought blocking, disordered or disorganized thoughts, and perceptional experiences.

As you can imagine, this presents a challenge—both to writers and for their editors.

POV Changes in Chapters: When To Properly Use Them!

When we write about certain characters, we elect an emotional response from each reader. Men will react differently to certain situations than women, such as when confronted or in harm’s way. Women react worse in emotional situations, confrontation or when they’ve made a mistake versus the opposite sex.

Therefore, it’s best to consider each character’s reactions, emotions, and stances when electing to use a point of view.

Three Reasons Why Rough Drafts are Important

I’m going back to basics today and will explain three reasons why rough drafts are important. (I know, some of you may be looking at me strange, but I swear it’s true. Everyone in each profession does this. What do you think a business plan is?) So let’s get to it, shall we?   #1: Your rough draft is ...

The Reality of Novel Writing

Writing novels is hard work. Writing a novel can be as hard as going to work every morning, working under someone else and getting a paycheck—except with writing, you only get paid if you sell your books. In fact, you’re spending more money than you are making when you first start out. Starting a book is well ...

Character and Chapter Conceptualization Tutorial

How many people know someone who wrote a novel, but gave up before they became published? Have they just left their manuscript unfinished? Did they send it to an editor and not agree with the changes that needed to be done? Were they upset when they were told it needs too much work and to redraft ...

Renegade Review’s First Issue

I'm excited to announce that I've finally finished the first issue of my newsletter. After two years, I finally wanted to help others in the communities I'm in when presented with questions. Many of them are the same and I have covered hints and tips for your success. I've also added an easy way to sign ...

Outlining a Novel Effectively

Outlining is one of the hardest parts of novel writing for me because this means I have to cut out things that I usually thought were good at the brainstorming stage. For me, this stages involves the use for a program called Scrivener. Many writers already have this, so I feel it’s safe for me to ...

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