Book Review: The Doomsday Chronicles

In this title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies, created by award-winning author and series editor Samuel Peralta, fifteen authors confront the Apocalypse, the end of days, the undiscovered country from which no traveler returns.

The Doomsday Chronicles features stories by Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning and bestselling authors Ken Liu, Seanan McGuire, plus thirteen more of today’s top authors in speculative and science fiction.

Five Reasons Paid Reviews HURT Indie and Traditional Author Sales

Every writer knows that one thing readers do is review your work. Some will do this in the excerpt (or preview) if something is wrong with the format, spelling or in general. (I am known to do this if it is atrocious.) However, there are some that will do it when the book is done, which ...

Winter Wolf By R.J. Blain ~Book Review~

    Winter Wolf is the second book in Blain’s Witch and Wolf novels, but this does not need to be read in sequential order. This is the first series I’ve read with this premise. However, I read her last book, thinking that it would be along the same lines. Her first story POV is the same kind ...

Heather the Honey Bee – Book Review

(All images used have been authorized and (c) Cindy Freland, 2014.)   Heather the Honey Bee is a unique children’s book, written by Cindy Freland and illustrated by Jon Munson II. The two are local Marylanders and they write about the Chesapeake Bay Adventures. Being from Maryland myself, I wanted to read more. The story followed a young ...

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