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First of all, happy holidays! I hope you guys enjoyed whatever holiday you celebrated! Now, onto business. I received this great review from Kelly Smith Reviews! It's not a five star review, but it's got great criticism that every author should consider when reviewing their first book. Every reader will have it. I do not care who ...

Book Review: Stake-Out by Lucy Luchesi

Stake-Out: Book One in the Paranormal Detectives series. I met Lily Luchesi at a release party for Andy Peloquin and she had somewhat of the same premise as my books, so I decided to give her first book a try. While life prevented me from reading this book all night, it took me four sessions ...

Product review: Logitech Wireless Keyboards

If you’re looking for good wireless keyboards for your writing needs, consider the Logitech K480 Wireless Keyboard or Logitech K570 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Mouse.

The following reviews are from E.M.’s personal experience and she is not affiliated with these stores for promotion.

Turbulence Pre-Ordering and Novel Progress

This book is recommended for those who are into urban fantasy and paranormal with mystery, suspense and thriller elements (with a bit of dark humor thrown in). This also appealed to anime fans, because some of the characters are quirky, like the female lead who poisons people, races cars and tries to run from the mafia while dressed like a 70’s child. Oh, and getting hunted by the feds because of her profession, unaware that’s he’s a professional hitman dressed like a homicide detective.

Author Interview: Jim Goforth

Jim Goforth is a reputable horror editor and writer for J Ellington Ashton Press and Crystal Lake Publishing. To learn what the master of horror and splatterpunk is up to, click on the interview 🙂

Author Interview: Toneye Eyenot

Toneye’s one of the nicest Aussies I’ve met in the publishing industry, hitting it off in Facebook groups and eventually working with him in JEA. While his typing is different from most writers, he started early to establish his style.

So, without further ado, I present to you Toneye Eyenot, writer and editor of JEA.

Sisters of Slaughter: Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason are a sister writing duo who I met in several Facebook groups, including at JEA Press. They are taking the publishing world by storm with their short stories and novels, but have always managed to say a kind word or two my way when I have questions in various Facebook groups. Without further ado, here are the Sisters of Slaughter, famous for their first novel, Mayan Blue.

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