A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear fans from various platforms:

It has come to my attention that several individuals were distressed that stories from Fanfiction.net and several other sites were left unfinished. Several of you messaged me through various mediums, whether it be by Facebook, email, Fanfiction.net or other forms of social media.

I wish to take this time to reassure you that leaving these stories unfinished was not the end, but the beginning of a new step in my writing career.

As I was condensing my website and adding answers to questions readers most asked me, I realized I needed to explain to other fans why I left my work unfinished. If you are on Fanfiction.net and followed me, you would have recieved an update with this today on Turnabout Roles, Seeking Redemption (book two), and Requiem of Ice and Love.  However, my personal blog allows me to explain things better, which I will do so now.

This serves as an explanation for those who followed me on Fanfiction.net, Lufia.net, The Ancient Cave, Forfeit Island, RPGamer and any other medium they followed me on with regards to writing under my old name.


#1. My main beta reader for the Phoenix Wright series passed away in 2009.

From what I read from their LJ and their FB page, they were killed in a car crash and they were about to be married. As you can imagine, the stories I was working on (mainly Turnabout Roles) would not have been the same had I continued with an entirely new beta midway through.

Therefore, I stopped and kept the story as is, so people could enjoy it the way it was meant to be.


#2: Second: My beta reader for Gravitation had real life business to take care of since her family member passed away.

The heart of my Gravitation fanfiction rested with the main beta. We did painstaking research between going back in canon and the medical stuff (especially for Protection, which was completed). However, she lost a lot of interest for things when her family member passed away, and she was their caretaker. So as you can imagine, she had a lot to deal with.

Now, she is married with a child, and I have not wanted to bother her in regards to things we wrote about ten years ago. We have spoken a bit since then, so I wish her the best with her newborn and husband. If she would like to continue beta reading for my fictional work, she is more than welcome to. I would not be opposed to having her back on my writing team 🙂


#3: Moves and medical issues

I’ve moved three times since I stopped writing in 2009. I had to reorganize material and I’ve worked two jobs most of the time. I also had a lot of medical issues that popped up, so I’ve been taking care of those. They are being treated now, but there is one final reason I haven’t returned, which might not surprise anyone reading this, but…


I am a full-time fiction writer now.


I was accepted by a small publishing house in 2015, and I began self-publishing my novels since 2016. Since 2015, I submitted 5 short stories for publication, and they should be releasing sometime this year.

When I started writing fanfiction stories, one thing people nailed me for was my “original characters”, which I could handle. However, I began planning entire trilogies, and half the cast was original characters for the other characters to interact with. At that point, it was time for me to leave writing fanfiction and work on my own personal endeavors.

I have been happier with this choice, where I can explore things in my own universe and write adult material to my heart’s content. My books have begun taking off and started gaining recognition like everyone else who followed me before.

Therefore, if you would like to follow me, you can by using the social media icons on the side of this page. I go by E.M. Whittaker now, which are the initials of my first and middle name. My self-published books are Turbulence and Drift, books one and two in the Renegades Saga.

My writing style has evolved since I wrote on these mediums, but I still focus on character based stories in the urban fantasy/paranormal thriller or suspense genres. I have characters such as shifters, magicians and deeply emotional people, so fans of Phoenix Wright and Gravitation would be more inclined to follow me in this regard. However, I know some die-hard Lufia fanfiction readers have wondered where I’ve been and would happily follow based on my previous work.

To everyone who has followed, commented, messaged, emailed or found my new Facebook page: Thank you for your support since I began in 2001. Without this platform or your support, I would have never had the courage to put myself out there for publication. I have evolved since the writer you’ve encountered in my early 20’s, and I would love for you to join me on my publication journey.

If you would like to see these unfinished stories continued, I do have the notes for Turnabout Roles and Seeking Redemption if anyone would like to complete those. Requiem of Ice and Love did not have a lot of notes and was a pantser story, not a plotted one.

If you want to continue hearing from me, please sign up for my newsletter (the red bar at the top of the page). I update it twice a month: Once with my news, and once sharing books from others in the community. I also share short story snippets, where only my fans can access them before being posted or released anywhere on the web.

Thank you for your time, support and consideration in this matter. I hope to see you on the next leg of my writing journey.

Elizabeth (E.M.) Whittaker


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