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My second blog post is different than my normal content, because this involves a personal update about me.

Earlier last week, I received a phone call that’s put my status for releasing book two on hold until early this summer at the latest.

Now, I’ve had ongoing medical issues, but this one I haven’t posted about on Facebook or social media, because the subject is sort of taboo and I wanted accurate results before posting anything.

I suffer from PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you don’t know what it means, it’s heinous on women because it screws with hormones, the ability to lose weight and a variety of other health-related illnesses. This also means it’s harder to have children, but I don’t have to worry about that. We’ll get to this part shortly.

PCOS was one major reason I chose to go gluten and dairy free – because it can also cause intolerance to certain food products. I also went this route because of chronic migraines, which worsened six months after I gave up all those products (and believe me, giving up ice cream was painful). Despite giving up processed sugars, wheat and the lovely GOOD tasting food, I lost forty-five pounds, and finding out answers about another issue I’ve had for the last three years.

Last Friday, I had no idea what to think after getting this phone call, because I was upset this wasn’t detected sooner – after failing the fourth test in four years, with my last doctor saying to just retest in six months to a year.

However, it’s been difficult to get any work done, and scary when your doctor asks you to come in for emergency testing because they believe they found cancer where they’re operating in a few months. They’re talking about moving appointments up, since the consult is in mid-February, right after Valentine’s Day. From the way they’re talking, this could occur anytime in March or April…right when I’m doing promotions for book two’s release.

It’s been a hard road, and it’s harder knowing that I will have to have surgery sooner than planned because of my unexpected health issue. As a result, I want to have my second book in editing when surgery is planned (I am pushing for March, because I want this over with). This way, I’m not stressing myself out, I can focus on a new project without screwing up my book, and move forward while recovering between writing and narrowing down “need to read” pile.

I might start a standalone on the iPad, since I bought it for when I’m laid up in bed.

So yes, I will still write. I’ll still do takeovers, promote online and write awesome books you guys enjoy, because I love my profession. Sharing stories with you guys is awesome, but this last week, it’s taken forever to get anything done because I’m getting laid up more and more.

I may only release two books and a few short stories this year. For me, that’s okay. I’m still working and continuing to develop my skills as a writer. I’m not sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself while moping about what could have been and what can happen. There is nothing I can do short of what I’ve already done, and I’m going to make the most out of what happens now.

Not three or six months from now, but today. Right now, when it matters most.

For those who want to say they are sorry, don’t be. This surgery and treatment was a long time coming. It’s been monitored for years, but something I came to terms with long ago. I’m happy this chapter is ending because it’s one less worry on my plate.

I’ve already felt bad dropping one deadline and pushing another back this month, due to the news and my health issues. Right now, I’m focusing on finishing up my queue before taking on anymore projects, unless the deadlines are near July and beyond. Then I can take more work, but not anything beforehand.

As a self-published author and one who is publishing shorts with a small press, I appreciate the support I’ve received throughout this journey. I hope this continues as I face yet another hurdle, but one that I made buffer room for for the next publication.

Maybe I should named the series my first book title. It seems to fit my life, after all.


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