Product review: Logitech Wireless Keyboards

While I’ve made a goal to start blogging more, today’s post consists of a product review on two items I’ve purchased within the last few months – Logitech Wireless Keyboards.

June was my first experience with Logitech keyboards. Originally, I only used Logitech for mice and headphones, since I had a Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic keyboard for ten years. However, I needed a wireless keyboard because it died after years of use.

Logitech K480 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K480 Wireless Keyboard
This keyboard works great with wireless devices. It’s got three different devices you can hook this into, such as a laptop, a phone and a tablet. The great feature about this keyboard is that it works with iOS/Mac and Windows platforms. I’ve also seen reviews about this working with Android.

The keyboard itself is lightweight and versatile. Whenever you need to use this on another device, just slip the knob on the right channel (or pairing, if you will) and your device should work thirty seconds after the blue light glows on the other side. From there, you’re ready to go.

This keyboard’s within the $45-$55 dollar range, depending on which store you order from. So it won’t break your budget if you need a wireless keyboard. I use this keyboard for my iPad when I’m having a bad day and need to rest in bed. Since I have the Otterbox case for it, I don’t use the tablet/phone holder. It doesn’t fit after you fit a case on those devices.

Now, there are some cons to this device, despite loving this device.

One drawback was I couldn’t get it to pair with my PS4 – which was a reason I bought this particular keyboard. Even with my wired keyboards, I typed too fast and it lagged considerably on the MMO I played. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard to use on your PS4. Stick with the Logitech 400 – that pairs beautifully with the PS4 and XBox One.

Another drawback was when my left hand seizes – it doesn’t register certain keys my left fingers press on a bad day. So, I’m left with missing letters because I lose strength in my fingers. However, this is not a flaw of the keyboard itself – this is just from personal experience.

The second keyboard replaced the K480 for my laptop, since I hate typing on laptop keyboards.


Logitech K570 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Mouse



Several months went where I tried various keyboards, but couldn’t find a comfortable fit. Every time I went into our electronic stores, they were always out of the keyboard I wanted to replace.

After the fourth time of hearing about their “ordering woes”, I headed to Best Buy, upset to hear the Razer keyboard I purchased didn’t receive stellar reviews from other novelists. In fact, several messaged me and said to take it back, because tech support only sent replacement keys instead of replacing the entire product. They also mentioned the keyboards were quick to die – within 3-6 months, despite being mechanical keyboards.

One last complaint was accidentally turning on the gaming macro functions and being unable to turn them off. So, the keyboard was returned. I don’t need any more problems.

Intro to this baby.

The lady at Best Buy finally understood I wasn’t looking for a gaming keyboard. If I gamed often, maybe the Razer would work, but I’m a novelist 🙂 My requirements were simple – something that would last for a few years and anti-ghosting, so that way I didn’t miss letters when I typed. I also required a number pad on the side, since I memorized those instead of at the top of the keyboard.

Usually, this bad boy is around $65, but I got it for $20 off as a special. It was also a nice early Christmas present.

The mouse was a bonus, since I didn’t see it in the keyboard section. It’s a durable ten pound mouse, while also ergonomic. I’ve since replaced the wired Logitech mouse and handed my other wireless one to the gamer in our home.

My chief complaint with other mice was my thumb and fingers hurt after extensive use, but this mouse has a thumb rest. It’s also shaped like a hand, so it feels natural when using it. I’m also able to turn off using the scroll mouse if I want to, which is nice. But, since I like the scroll mouse option, I haven’t turned it off yet.

With the wave contour shaped keyboard, I’m able to comfortably rest my hands while typing, so I don’t feel like the keyboard’s cramped. I got used to my split keyboard and had a learning curve, but quickly adjusted. The only issue is where the delete key is. Other than that, I’m good.

Other pros with the keyboard include shortcut buttons, such as volume control, ability to switch in between songs on any music app (I’ve tried four to verify), opening the Media Center and pulling up settings on the computer if you program the keyboard. It also allows you to pull up the calculator or turn off the PC (which I never use), as well as zoom in your windows.

If you use the function key, you can open Word, Excel, calendar, Internet Explorer, mail and the web. Kind of cool, if you’re into shortcuts.

However, I didn’t need fancy buttons. It does what I need it to – type up things and answer people back in a timely manner. It’s also spot on and hasn’t lagged on my typing yet. So, I’d say this keyboard’s a definite keeper.

So far, I’ve had no problems with this device. I’ve only used this on my laptop, since the majority of my novel writing’s done on the laptop with an additional monitor.

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard that’s not going to break your budget, I’d consider these keyboards. Sometimes, people need different things. For me, I use more than one device, depending on what I’m working with that day, or if I’m out for an extensive period of time.

If there’s any other keyboards you’d recommend, please let me know in the comments below.


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