Renegades Face Off (Promotion for Turbulence)

Charm City’s faced with many problems. War, famine and possible annihilation are just the tip of the iceberg. Some hide their existence, downplaying their abilities to stop being ranked on bounty lists. Others simply disappear to pretend living a normal life, or hide behind vices and embrace them for an identity.

However, Charm City’s Underground is run by different factions, and Aviere Mye instills fear in each don and donna of Charm City, due to her tenacity, cunning and fierce charisma that attracts unlikely allies to her cause. She might have lost her rank as donna, but retains the grace and attitude of one, despite her status as a Renegade.

Authors can choose which character they’d like to “face off” against Aviere’s crew. Any genre and author is welcome to participate, even if they’re releasing their first book. 🙂

Be warned, some have unlikely surprises, so choose carefully. It can either end in a draw, death, victory or recruitment, depending on the circumstances. Aviere loves smart people – or meatshields, depending on her mood.


Interesting. How do I sign up?

Glad you asked! Scroll through and see what abilities they have, then decide which character you want to face off against.

After you decide, go to this link and put in your information. Don’t forget to email your cover or character’s promotional art so I can advertise your character and novel for more exposure!


Which characters are available?
There’s eight characters authors can choose from in Turbulence.

Aviere Mye: black panther shifter with a genetic mutation. Famous as Charm City’s Poisoner, Aviere lives up to her reputation, concocting the finest medicines and poisons money can buy. Her belief in helping the less fortunate works in her favor, but she harbors a deeper secret which could soar her reputation on the Bounty List from a B rank to S rank. However, where she wants to be left alone, no one else is interested in honoring her request – including Lowell Sanderson, who’s her newest employer.
**Aviere uses a modified air pistol for poisoned ammunition, a vial gun, various poisons hidden on her body and claws which leak paralysis poison into her victims. She tends to utilize others in her fights, especially Limere and Travis, if they’re available. By the end of Turbulence, her bounty rank is at an A-.

Keith Travis: telepath mage who specializes in assassinations and investigations. Planted into the FBI has a mole, so he’s a double agent, which he detests. Travis doesn’t like the Renegades, but loves his paycheck after finishing a hit and embracing his inner killer. But where the memory of his dead wife stops Travis from losing himself, he wonders why Aviere Mye represents the hope he thought was buried inside.
**Travis is famous for using a Desert Eagle, which is against regulation standard, infused with magic when concentrating hard enough. He also tends to teleport rather than drive places. He’s a C rank on the Bounty List at the end of Turbulence.
Shawn Peters/Agent Neuro: information specialist for the FBI, but taken as a hostage for Travis’ cooperation inside the Renegade organization. Famous for breaking into specialized databases and for being two faced when something doesn’t go his way. He’s behind the scenes on wiretaps and phone connections, but a few keystrokes, a Google search or blackmailed information can usually mess someone up if their guard’s down.
**Peters uses FBI issued guns, but is more comfortable with revolvers and handguns. Usually a good shot, except when emotional. It’s rare for humans to be on the Bounty List, but by association and reputation, Peters has earned a B rank, due to his intelligence and problem-solving abilities. However, Aviere’s nickname sticks with Peters for the duration of the series, which irritates the information specialist.

Limere Dalara: mage specialized in various forms of telepathic abilties, such as probing people’s minds, forcefields, phasing and disintegration. An accident traded his shifter powers for mage ones, but his constant need for drugs caused a rift between Aviere and Maurice. Smarter than Aviere, Limere’s specialty is crafting drugs and poisons, but relies more on his powers to fight and protect his loved ones. His powers make him an S rank, almost on par with mages from the Red Coat Society.
Maurice Gunther: bengal shifter who’s more seen than heard. Maurice loathes the Underground and his in-law’s lifestyle, but he’s a smooth talker who usually can wow the ladies with his charismatic charm and professional dress sense. But don’t be fooled: Maurice’s specialty is his fighting style, and he’s learned from other species, adopting it into his own. He’s usually the first to gather information for Aviere, if Limere’s not performing his job. Maurice is a C rank on the Bounty List.
Lowell Sanderson: Leader of the Renegades, Sanderson’s not afraid to use his men like chess pieces. A previous Renegade agent, Sanderson received his promotion after stopping a dangerous biological warfare outbreak in the Renegade Compound. After offing several colleagues for smaller infractions, Sanderson’s become feared for his accurate shooting and knifing skills. But the Renegades are curious about his newest acquisition and why Aviere Mye interests him – or why he grants her ridiculous requests when he’s killed agents for less.
**Sanderson uses a Beretta and oxidized throwing knives to subdue his victims, and never misses once knives are involved. Sanderson’s rank is unknown, but it’s higher than most, especially since he runs one of the deadliest factions in Charm City.
Jemina Rodriguez: Known as the Black Widow, Jemina lives to her reputation by flirting with every man inside the Renegades Compound, including toying with Travis. Most think Jemina’s not a true shifter because of her super-strength, but she doesn’t like transforming because she’s already a heavyset Latina. Known for extortion and blackmail, Jemina saves her fighting for necessary situations, enjoying money more than her life partner and children sometimes. If you ask Joseph or Aviere, they’ll state she saves her fighting for them, rather than on the bad guys.
**Jemina uses sexual appeal to lure her victims, but she prefers blackmail to get her way or street fighting when using brute force.  Jemina’s considered an A rank for her super-strength alone.
Joe Randolph: Alpha of the Bruden Werewolves, Joe hates trouble. In fact, all he wants is to fix cars, drink beer and run his pack without Aviere and Jemina’s shenanigans. But this werewolf’s earned his reputation and is deadlier when sober, using Aviere’s homemade beer to quell his inner rage and sorrow. Joe’s never lost a fight and has outwitted the authorities more times than he cares to count, hiding his operation underground. It doesn’t help he bribes the Feds and cops, considering his father used to work for the Baltimore City Police Department.
**Joe loves street fighting and is on par with Jemina in terms of strength, but uses his powers to protect more than instigate. He’s listed as an A rank on the Bounty List.




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