Blade of the Destroyer – The Last Bucelarii: Book One

Blade of the Destroyer


Blade of the Destroyer is an intriguing read. The story delves into the mind of the Hunter and gives a different perspective on the darker side of humanity. There are quite a bit of action packed fight scenes, but most are necessary to move the story along. In a darker world, one does not have many friends and the way Peloquin eliminates threats and riff-raff characters depicts what someone like the Hunter would do. For those who don’t enjoy that kind of thing, perhaps they should read other works similar to Brent Weeks, Karen Miller or Joe Abercromie. They have a similar stance in their books.

One interesting thing about the novel was the writing style. It is not often I see a book the goes into the inner workings through inner thoughts. This was one part that kept me reading and got me a little more invested with the Hunter during the course of the book. The other thing that drew me to this dark tale was the cover, which was mysterious in itself.

Overall, this was a good first novel and I look forward to reading more of Mr. Peloquin’s work in the future.

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