Goals and Progress Part 2

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Over the last few months, things changed.

Some were good, others weren’t. I’ve been through a lot since last June, but I believe I’ve grown as a person and a writer, so I wanted to share them with you.

Career Change

Believe it or not, switching from hobby writing to full time took a lot of dedication. I gradually started the transition in October with working 3-4 hours a night after my full time job, but I sacrificed quality time with my boyfriend. Because we didn’t care for the arrangement, he allowed me to start pursuing my dream and work on my writing full time.

This alleviated a lot of stress in our home, considering my growing health problems. My anxiety limited me to jobs I could work—after being in retail for ten years, it pained me to give up working with people. My teeth rotted out and I’m waiting for all the dental work to be completed.

My goals shifted to making money for continued works and bills/groceries from my writing income. I did it with freelance writing, which I resigned from a few days ago after finishing the last of my client load. I know I will be successful with self published writing. M and I have come to an understanding that my first royalty check won’t come until January and it meant a lot when he agreed to allow me to pursue this full time. He also understands about producing every few months to gradually build income and it is not a get rich quick kind of thing.

Abandoning traditional publishing in favor of self-publishing

After the publishing house I was with restructured a few weeks ago, I decided to part ways to self publish my novels. When they allowed us to stay or leave, I thought about the missed opportunities if I stayed with them.

Simply put, I signed with the wrong house due to the genre I write. My self publishing decision did not stem from any contention with the house or people inside it. I already commissioned art outside the house and debated on editing from others after they were backlogged for so long. In other words, I already thought like a self-published author instead of a traditional one.

Being signed on the traditional house helped me establish long and short term goals. It also made me realize traditional publishing would not assist with achieving them (such as publishing works every 3-4 months). Traditional houses move slower than a self-publisher writer, since they have more authors to assist with writing, editing and promotion. However, I should be fine with a good editor, formatter and cover artist.

It was a learning experience, to say the least—but one I needed to know I am capable of completing a manuscript and getting published in a traditional house again, if I wanted. I left without prejudice and maintained long lasting relationships with the people I grew close to in the house.


The other good part to my traditional house experience consisted of taking part in special projects. I cannot release much information right now, but I received conformation of three short story pieces accepted into these projects. When I know more information, I’ll post it here.

These acceptances were not for money, but to get my name out there in the writing world under the pen name I’ve chosen. I’m sure I’ll submit more short stories to other anthologies in the future, but I think three acceptances this year is good enough for mid-June.

In terms of personal goals, I started a new diet and regime of exercise to help promote weight loss, as well as get rid of symptoms in relation to various illnesses. I’ll probably blog about these more in future updates.


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