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While I’m waiting for a final date for Turbulence’s release, I’d like to present the redone blurb and book cover, courtesy of Holly Heisey! She did a really phomenial job with Aviere’s design and I’m happy to announce she’ll be working on the rest of the covers for The Renegades Saga.



One calculative move changed her live forever.

Aviere Mye carefully built her reputation, despite her disappearance when she abandoned street racing for the Underground. Known throughout Baltimore City for her expert medicinal concoctions and deadly poisons, she quickly worked her way back in the Underground’s good graces. Despite earning their protection, respect and clientele, one thing drove Aviere to return racing for them—answers about her husband’s disappearance almost a decade before.

But before her first race, Aviere finds herself caught in a power struggle. One by one, key players of the Underground are found dead, using the same poisons she became famous for. After discovering her sponsor’s fate, Aviere is hunted by various organizations for murders she never committed— despite using her vast connections, unique associates and shifter abilities to keep one step ahead of them. However, she is apprehended twice: once by rogue mage Keith Travis and then by the Renegades—the same organization her husband used to work for.

After being involuntarily tagged as Travis’ new partner, Aviere is offered sponsorship, protection and a way to start finding her missing answers if she can apprehend the culprit responsible for the atrocities being committed in Baltimore City. There’s just one catch— Aviere and Travis have seven days to stop them before their matching bomb collars explode.


The synopsis for the series is here.

Drift’s cover (book two) should be finished between November-December of 2016 and I think book three will come a little after that 🙂 I’m excited to share such amazing work with everyone.

If you’re considering Holly for your next project, check out her beautiful illustrations on her website. She’s versed in different genres, but her loves are sci-fi and fantasy.

Holly’s information is also available in the resources sections, under cover artists.


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