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It’s been a good bit since I’ve put up a blog post, so I’d thought I’d share what’s been going on.

First and foremost, Turbulence has been accepted by a small publishing house and should be released some time in 2016. The exact date is not yet known due to the editing stage. Realistically, writing goes through the editing stage a lot more than the planning and writing, I feel. However, I’m happy that the publishing house will be picking up the series. 🙂

Once Turbulence is out, I’m hoping to have the first draft of Drift done. The conceptualization has been drafted out and a new cover artist has been contracted. Ten percent of the first draft is completed. Since the direction has changed in book one, it’s made it easier to draft out the second book. It’s also been neat to see the progression since the beginning when I started this thing.

Second, I am working on a paranormal romance series, which will go under another name. At this time, I’m not revealing what that is, but that story is in the planning stages. I’m having a lot of fun writing a different genre with a different set of characters. I’m planning to have a website up for this new name but that will come sometime in the next few months. There isn’t a planned release date yet, but I’m hoping that will also be in 2017.

Finally, I’m in the process of doing a character novella for the detective in my first series. I am hoping to have this done at some point in 2017, but I’m not putting a definitive date on it. 🙂 Eventually, I’m hoping to have a book of character shorts as well, kind of like an anthology that follows a certain theme. This is also undetermined, as I’d like to do this on all the main characters in the series. Doing it too soon will ruin it for other readers.

I hope to post more updates about my works soon. To find out more updates, check out my Facebook page, where I’ll share where I’m at and answer questions.


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