~Book Review~ How Full Is Your Bucket

This week I chose to read How Fill Is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, taking a break from paranormal and thriller like novels/work.

Rath and Clifton centered their research on how to “fill” coworkers or team’s buckets with positive reinforcement and “empty” with negative reinforcement. It also used case studies from famous companies, military research and from classrooms on how positive and negative reinforcement work. Unfortunately, this was the last book Clifton wrote before he passed away.

The flow of this business book was practically seamless. Because I absorb business books in bite size chunks, it was easy for me to read this each night before bed or waiting at the doctor’s office. With just shy of 100 pages, I didn’t feel rushed to finish as I do others in my collection.

Usually, business books I’ve read do not have case studies from outside corporate companies, so it was refreshing to see the first case study be an experiment about World War II. The study was that the North Korean army isolated troops to “break their spirit” and comradery to turn on each other. This real life example enticed me to keep reading, because this showed how the book can be applied outside corporate America.

The book didn’t have many pacing issues, but the way Rath told his personal story in the fourth chapter threw me for a loop. This could have been placed in the beginning of the book as the introduction and then moved forward, but that is my only real critique about this piece. Otherwise, everything was in order for pacing.

However, the end was what convinced me to purchase the book for my own collection. There is a test on their site, focusing on 15 questions for self improvement and five strategies anyone can apply today to help their team or coworkers “fill their bucket”. They are simple and easy to apply in normal, everyday life.

You can take a look below to see how you can improve, are already helping others or how to show others what to do. To find more helpful tidbits, visit Gallup Press’s site for this particular book.

postive impact


bucket filling interview



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