Beta Test Coaching Available Now!

Because I have changed my business to those who want stuff self published or for making courses, I want to offer four people the chance to work with me at a discounted rate.

What are you coaching?

My coaching focuses on how to help you with your self-publishing work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, tutorial, eCourse or a manuscript.


How will this help both of us?

You would gain valuable information that took me years to learn in self-publishing. Additionally, I have worked for other clients previously doing the same tasks I’m offering you. You’d have a piece of mind knowing that a professional would be assisting you with these tasks.  Another way you’d be getting help is that your task would be completed.

I would be gaining valuable insight on if I need package restructuring or if I need to add other things. The only way I will know what else to offer is by talking with you to see where you need assistance. Another way this would help me is to determine where you should make progress and how to teach others if I need to do something different. Working with a beta group will also tell me what else I need to add to my packages and what value I need to incorporate with each one.


What do I get out of it?

You would be receiving services at a discounted rate of $200 for four coaching sessions at a reasonable level. Something around the $250-500 range.


I want to act NOW!

The doors will close as soon as I reach four people, so schedule your free 30 minute consultation now.


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