Five Ways To Organize Your Time And Limit Distractions

There are a few things that all authors and business owners struggle with. Two primary problems are time and organization. Have you found that maybe you had so much planned, but only got one or two things done? Well, you’re not alone.

Organization is the second life blood of a business! Did you know that almost 53% of at home professions face this problem? If you don’t have a plan, you’re not going to get anywhere.

In today’s post, you’ll learn some time saving tools and distraction free stuff to help give you maximum productivity.




This free software is designed for people who have teams and need to delegate tasks to them. Inside the app there is a calendar that can help delegate the times for tasks and you can add people to send tasks to. If given permission, your team members can add things in. The cool thing about Asana is that they give you videos inside the app at the bottom to start navigating and doing stuff for your business. That’s pretty awesome for a free application!

To find out more, sign up at their site. All you need is a Google + account or sign up via email. There has never been a charge for this software and it’s been around for a few years now.



Authors and business owners use this when they’re on the go. Evernote is an note application software. It’s become so popular that Moleskine (a journal company) made compatible notebooks so you can upload your notes into Evernote! Now with that kind of endorsement, it’s worth checking out.

Evernote’s advantage over Scrivener is that you can use this on the smart phone and iPad. You are able to also upgrade your membership. You can do a free one to try it out, and then choose to pay $5 to $10 dollars a month to share notes, collaborate tasks with your team or do all central administration through this application. There are people who use this as a personal sketchbook to show their portfolio since Moleskin has the paper to computer application.

LiveScribe does the same kind of work, but Evernote doesn’t require you to buy paper, ink or have special software. Evernote is the way to go if you’re just starting in business but can only pay a little fee each month.




While some authors use Evernote, others will swear by Scrivener (such as myself). Personally you can use this over Microsoft Word or OneNote for organization if you need to!

Scrivener is an application that is easier to use and that has ALL your stuff at your fingertips. It offers unique features such as a way to do storyboards (or business plans if you don’t write novels), a way to have your document all in one place and you can add parts.

The best part is if you need to make this into a Word doc, there’s an easy way to convert all Scrivener documents to do this! It formats beautifully and editors love this sort of tool.

To find out more about what this does, please visit the site.

Please aware that this is a one time fee of $40 dollars, but you can buy a license for both Windows and Mac. It also comes with a 30 day trial to see if you like the software or not.


Distraction Free Tools

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the heart to unplug the internet, there are a few tools for distractions that you guys can use. Both of these are paid but several users have had results with this method. However, from personal experience, it’s just cheaper to unplug or stop your wireless from receiving signal unless you have a place with a lot of employees or something.


freedom internet turn off application

This application is $10 dollars but you can turn off the internet for a limited amount of time.

This is available on all platforms, but this is a Mac screenshot. What you can do with this is set it for a time and you have no internet access. This can be a pain if you need the internet to do research because it won’t even let you use Google.

You cannot turn this off except physically rebooting the computer. Using Control Alt Delete and turning it off that way doesn’t work. So make sure you’re serious or else you’ll have to restart!

Because of the psychological effect, it’s recommended to do this for short sessions of 20-45 minutes each before moving to longer periods. Of course, you could just use your phone if you need to look something up, but that would defeat the purpose. However, if you’re only distracted by social media, check out this next option.



This is the companion to Freedom but for those who are distracted by Facebook and other social media applications. For $15 dollars you can have this application stop mindless social media visits in its tracks. You can use it to block other things like games and such. It does have a trial of five uses to see if you can handle it or not.

This application supports Windows and Mac OS.


Are there other tools people can use that aren’t listed? How have you stopped yourself from wasting time? How do you get organized? Leave your comments below!


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