2015 Goals and Guest Blogging Added!

2015 is going to be my year.

But in order for that, I need some help from you—the people that have been watching on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. In order to hit my goal (and surpass even), I have decided to open up to guest blogging. Subjects I’d like to feature are :

  • Internet marketing opportunities
  • Interviews with small business entrepreneurs and internet marketers
  • Interviews with authors (self or traditionally published)
  • Experiences of self published or traditionally published authors
  • Book reviews
  • Interviews with virtual assistants in any niche

Those that choose to guest blog will be able to use content on their sites and social media feeds, while gaining attention from those already subscribed to this site. I have a wide range of fans and clients who are interested in other things. Some clients have picked up some self published titles after reading reviews from my website or on Facebook.

You will also position yourself as a leader. You may not believe it, but it does help. I went from 75 people to 318 in three months on Facebook after being featured on a webinar last year. Most of my interviews are transcribed but I am open to Google Hangouts for a audio interview.

I’m also decided to do a serial, featuring that as an internet only special. To answer questions from Facebook friends on the subject: No, I’m not doing this on any material I’ve already talked about, shared with betas or posted in closed crit groups for feedback. (In other words, no Renegade sidestories.)

Some will ask why I’m choosing not to publish this as self-pubbed on Amazon or traditional. Quite frankly, I need a project I can just let go in the universe and have fun with at the same time, without deadlines. It also correlates with editor’s suggestion of a whole new universe.

Settle down, folks. I’m still brainstorming and it won’t be out before March 2015. ^_^’’

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone a good New Years and a successful start to 2015.

To your success,





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