Winter Wolf By R.J. Blain ~Book Review~

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Winter Wolf is the second book in Blain’s Witch and Wolf novels, but this does not need to be read in sequential order. This is the first series I’ve read with this premise. However, I read her last book, thinking that it would be along the same lines.

Her first story POV is the same kind of narrative, but it is clear that after reading the first chapter, the story is entirely different. Where Inquisitor focused on Victoria wanting to save the wolves, Nicole was completely different in that regard. Most of Blain’s characters have a lot of self confidence and with Nicole, she wrote something a bit out of her comfort zone. However, she pulled it off well.

You are also left to wonder what the cover of this book means, where it was more obvious in Inquisitor. Readers will appreciate the cover’s picture more in the end, done by talented artist Chris Howard.

One thing I appreciated in this novel (and Inquisitor) is her magic style. Blain writes with consequence. In other words, not everyone knew the most powerful spell, used that thirty pages into the book and a magical problem was solved. With powerful magic came consequences, such as the loss of Nicole’s voice. Many times readers can resonate with the character as she thinks wistfully of the times where her voice didn’t sound raspy.

In her second book, any reader would be able to see Blain’s improvement if they have read any other novel of hers first. Her characterization is more well rounded, but with some quirks in each one that make them loved or hated in their own right. Nicole, or Nicolina Desmond, was different than her other protagonist from Inquisitor and it was nice to see a refreshing lead female who was both vulnerable and yet badass at the same time.

The pacing of Winter Wolf was a bit slow in a few parts, but necessary to build up to a well rounded finish. The main and subplots were completed by the time the story ended and left me a bit teary.

Her second book is good to curl up on a cold winter night (pardon the pun) or during the summer on the beach. Quick read and enjoyable with engaging characters and plotline.

To see more of RJ’s work, please visit her Amazon profile or website, where you can see what she’s working on (or plotting how to torture the characters you’ll love :))


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