Heather the Honey Bee – Book Review

heather 2(All images used have been authorized and (c) Cindy Freland, 2014.)


Heather the Honey Bee is a unique children’s book, written by Cindy Freland and illustrated by Jon Munson II. The two are local Marylanders and they write about the Chesapeake Bay Adventures. Being from Maryland myself, I wanted to read more.

The story followed a young girl named Ashley, who was with her brother at a local park, listening to a park ranger talk about animals. She is visited by Beverly the Butterfly and Heather the Honey Bee and asked to assist them while learning about bees at the same time. At the end of the story, Ashley educates the public on how important bees are to the environment.

Mrs. Freland’s love for children showed in the way she weaved together a compelling story. Between the vivid illustrations Mr. Munson drew and the detail she gave of Heather’s blight, any child would feel as if they were in a magical world. It took me back to the days of imaginary creatures weaving my own adventures (even if mine had dragons and faeries).

The tone of the story is whimsical but educational as well. Children will learn about the dangers animals face, allowing us to appreciate all kinds of species in today’s world. The novel may look slow paced if you’re reading this in a digital format, but that is due to the pictures on every other page. This was a nice paced read, short enough to keep a child’s attention.

Mrs. Freland took a lot of time to educate people about a insect that many of us don’t think much about and has made it fun for kids to learn as well. A fact sheet about bees is included at the end of this book, making it perfect for teachers to read to their classes. This would be perfect for elementary school students, as this is a little more sophisticated than most children’s books.

To see more of Mrs. Freland’s work, visit her Amazon.com author profile, her children’s book website or Facebook page.


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