Budget Writing and What It’s Taught Me

Many people at the jobs I work ask me how I can continue to plug away at my novels and still maintain working the pace I do.

The answer I give them is that writing isn’t cheap, which is true.

Writing is a business. Most think it is just a hobby but those who know the craft think differently. We are investing time in ourselves, using a skill of imagination and language to make our novels better. At the end of the day it’s not just about writing your own story and telling others about it. It’s about selling that story to other people and having them enjoy the work that you put forth.

There are days where I do get overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel. Last week was one of those when I only managed to get half a scene done. Overtime at my full time job is kicking my ass but that only strengthens my determination to making this succeed.

When you think about the cost to publish a book, it’s pretty pricey. Here are the things needed to just finish publishing Turbulence:

Cover artist: $500 (also does the back blurb too)
Developmental editor: $1000 after first book. Rate has raised since she has stopped taking clients to work on her own career, which I fully support.
Line editor: $500.
Copyright fee: $60
ISBN: $300 for ten and a barcode. (This will cover Drift’s ISBN costs, so this is a two for one deal here.)
Promotion: $500. This is blogging and getting the word out, as well as prizes for the release party.

Let’s not forget that I will probably be doing book signings at bookstores on my time off once the holidays are done. So gas and buying some hard copies of the books is going to eat away at my budget as well.

As you can see, publishing a novel is like a business deal. You have to take money out for these things and make sure you have it to pay others who will do these services for you. So in a way, it’s like having a third job, only it’s your own business.

Because of my financial situation and some setback, I’ve had to push back the publishing date to first quarter next year. While this is a disappointment, I believe this is the right decision. I’m not eligible to put it all on a credit card and I don’t think that would be the right move for me to do. Doing these things one step at a time means I can put in the right amount of time and work to make this a success.

Budgeting for novels has been a thing that has taught me to be choosy with my own money. I’ve noticed that I haven’t had as many money issues and that it’s made me determined to pay off my debts that much faster. I can successfully say that embracing novel writing has taught more than I thought over the last year.

I wouldn’t give up this experience because not only has it helped in life lessons but I’ve met some amazing people, too.


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