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The first step is always the hardest, but the last step is even more satisfying.

The journey to anything we want is difficult. Often I was afraid to do anything out of my comfort zone. Most of us are to begin with but over time I had to learn to get out of it.

To be honest, it started when I moved into my home almost four years ago. It was the first block to stable life I’ve ever known. I controlled who came in and out of my house, what happened to me and no adults, parents or anyone feigning to be in my best interest telling me what to do. That was when I caught up with my former friend in high school, who is now the editor I’ve become close to.

One thing she said really stuck out and that was that I had to become serious as a writer if anything was going to happen. It took a long time to think upon that conversation because real life happened and took its toll on me. I’ve been through a lot of stuff but now I’m finally starting to come where I want to be.

This month I’ve taken several milestones.

I set up a campaign that still has about 26 days more to go before it ends:

I’ve talked to several cover artists and finally made a choice on who will do future art for my novels.

I’ve finally sent in the manuscript that I want for publication which involves my own creation and not a collaborative story.

I never would have gotten this far if not for my friends who have backed me up on my long journey. It’s been a tedious four years getting this draft just up to specs to be sent off for consideration and changes that need to be made. I remember when Turbulence was another title (Legend of the Water Viper), when Aviere was a completely different character (think Mary Sue kind of) and when all I had to go with was she had a brother and a race car.

This was written originally as a screen play. Think of that. It was 80 pages long. That was all. And it was all dialogue mostly, which I wasn’t even remotely sastified with.

There were character concepts I did, little side stories and other numerous things that churned in my head but there never was a true beginning like Turbulence has now. There is a solid beginning, middle and end. That is something to be proud of.

Now I find the more I post on my blog and share on G+ and Facebook, more friends are coming out of the woodwork and more like/share back. Some I’ve found on the weirdest of places. One was off a game I play and is in my Free Company. He is a novelist as well. Others ask me to read their things for honest feedback. If I could do it for everyone, I’d never get anything done 🙂 But I’m flattered nonetheless that people regard me enough to ask.

It is with newfound pleasure that I post that I am now starting to outline more of Drift, but it may take me a bit to complete due to the complexity of the series and having to tie all the former elements in. I think the hardest part is making it somewhat entertaining but setting realistic limits as well. I’ve already outlined Soulless to its full form but will write on that more when I have time to do so. I’d like to establish this series with two books first before focusing on another.

If you would like to help further, please share this with your friends or family. I’d like to be able to raise enough money to promote both books and see them be successful, and perhaps get the character promo book done that I’d like to do for each book in the series. 🙂 I am also open to other forms of promotions such as blogging and other things.

To all of you who have supported my cause, thank you. Even words of encouragement on some days helps.


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