Editing: The Nitty Gritty Pt 1

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The third draft of Turbulence is done at 176,311 words.

My editor (evil woman she is ^_^) has a goal to get it down to 125,000.

I’m not enjoying the editing bit at all, but then again no writer should really enjoy editing. At least, if you want to be serious. That’s the part that you have to get serious about. *whisper* This is basically fine tuning your novel before sending it off to your editor.

You should choose your editor carefully. There are plenty of freelance editors that you can do, but I’m choosing to self publish first. This means that I have the right to choose who I want to and I went with someone who is a complete hardass about it and doesn’t play along. Since she knows me so well, there’s more expectations on what I’m supposed to do. (I mean I’ve known her since high school so yeah. I can’t feign I don’t know anything, y’know?)

You and your editor will butt heads, even if you are friends. I am not going to lie here. We argued on Aviere’s spelling for quite a few hours when she saw the snippet and had a four hour discussion about editing because she didn’t want it to jeopardize our friendship. (And I can honestly respect that.) So if you’re not prepared to put your personal feelings for your book aside, get someone you don’t know to do it. Get someone who isn’t bias and someone who is going to do the job right.

Then, you want to take some serious time to re-evaluate what you have written. You may think you’re a genius because you just finished your first, second or even your third or fourth manuscript but you still got some mistakes. If you don’t, I’ll bow down to your superior skills. But I’m pretty sure you’re going to have some typos, grammar and sentence structure issues.

For me, my favorite error is word dsylexia, where I cannot keep two words straight in a sentence. I have to reread things to get it straight and I do it outloud.

One thing I’ve learned this week in this experience is that you are never done in a novel and that until it’s published, it’s NOT written in stone. You can change it up until it’s finally let loose for the world to see.

Four parts were taken out and that was almost 10k in itself.

Next week will have more progress notes on editing.


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