Spring Car Washing!

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No one thinks that washing a car can be relaxing.

But there’s a difference in between most people and me. I can appericate a good car when I see one, even if the outside does look like shit. Come on, I write about drag racers, for Christ’s sake. I live with people who work on them for a living.

My Chevy Cavalier Coupe LS isn’t a sports car, but that’s how the insurance company views it. It’s big, bulky and two door. It’s two colors because a deer took my front end and the headlights in one shot. Mondale’s my baby though.


He’s actually Mondale II. The first was a white Mitsubishi, that slid on ice and lasted down a half a mile while being pushed against a guardrail. I was eight years old then and in the car when that happened. I guess it started then, really. I wasn’t really scared during that accident.

Yeah, we could have gone over the guardrail and here I was thrilled about the damn speed of the car, despite the glass that shattered all in my mom’s hair. People call me a lunatic for that.

Anyway, Mondale II was taken care of today. Special soap that was provided by my roomie that not only washes but waxes the car too. The body’s starting to rust as he was made in 03, so age would do that. I’ve had him for six years now and lots of problems.

But he’s still my baby. I just don’t talk about him much anymore cause I don’t go out.

My dream car would be a Camaro from the late 60’s. All black with enough speed to outrun anyone. Or a Corvette that was blue. That’d be nice too. 🙂

Well, back to work I suppose.



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