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While I had my heart set on NaNo this year, I’m afraid that I’m going to opt out this year and focus on my works instead, because my job is far too demanding and reoccurring health issues are making it hard to juggle both.

Right now, when I’m not writing, I work at a demanding warehouse job and Christmas is coming. This is into our most busiest season and I’m working anywhere from 10-12 hour days. I also commute an hour each way, but I needed a job to put food on the table for me, the cats and people who live with us. I also needed a full time job for other reasons other than basically living and it’s really the only higher paying job around my area.

Most writers have jobs to get by, because we know the pay is not stellar. Money is not the reason true writers write. We do it because we love it, no matter what.

Well, along with this, I’ve been having digestive problems that are causing me much discomfort and now been put on leave at my job until things are better. So I rather would focus on that instead of trying to do too much at once for now.

As we go more into the holiday season, I am hoping to have some news about future works. I do know that Turbulence is going for developmental editing in May and that has definitely been secured. Very happy for that news.


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