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It’s been a hell of a year, and it’s only a month away almost until I’m 29 years old.

I’ve been wondering what I have to show for it, and it’s pretty much material things. I want an accomplishment, something that I can proudly say I’ve done.

It’s for this reason I’m getting back to my roots and trying to go for novel publication. My sincerest wish is for the end of 2014 to have a book on the shelf, and start polishing the first novel of my series, Renegades. By god, I want that thing to at least be published–and have the whole series written out so I can share with the world.

For now, I am working on several projects–just need to see where I want to go. I’m posting a status report so that way I have it here for a reference.

Turbulence: In third draft. Will need at least one or two more re-writes before I send to an editor, and then more work before publishing. Hoping for draft to be done by end of September 2013 so I can set it aside until January and come back to it.¬† I already know a lot I want to do in the next draft, so this shouldn’t be that hard.

**It will be in draft mode on BookCountry and Authonomy.

Soulless: End of September, I hope to begin back on this project. I want to have the first draft done by January, late February at the latest. I’m thinking the name of the novel will change by then, but not sure. I kind of like this one. It hasn’t found a place on my site either as an original work in progress. Will have to work on that. I’m hoping this one will have a 2014/2015 date, and that’s giving myself time.

**This story is a one shot and will be in draft mode on BookCountry and Authonomy.

Metamorphosis: This baby is still in the outline stages. No set timeline as to when this will be done. Might have a different title. Not sure yet.

Unintended: This baby isn’t even mentioned on the site. I have to completely redraft that story, because it’s darker than it should be, and I’m not liking how it turned out. This novel has the least amount of characters in a story, and it’s a NC-17 work because it involves male/male. (I believe I’ve mentioned somewhere that I am not against the LBGT stories/community. There are some good stuff out there.) I would probably be password protecting anything I put up on this.

**Not sure when I’ll be working on this one, but this is a one shot story. There will be no sequels. I’ve already decided on that one.

To Uphold and Defend: Good lord, it’s been five years since I touched this. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back to this one. I have good memories of drafting this, considering this was the first story that was not based on role play and all about my own world. However, I wasn’t really good at the writing craft at the time, and it definitely shows in my half finished draft.


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