Reviewing Old Works

I am finally back from my long hiatus . . . I had a close family member in constant hospitalization since January of this year, and she finally had her last surgery this afternoon. She’s had two this year alone. I’m hoping she’s okay now.

Today I’m going to talk about a topic that has come to my attention in the last few days, while moving old things off of 2GB drives onto a new saving device.

Many of us have reviewed our writings and found that they either have one of three things:

  • I haven’t finished this and I’ve been meaning to for a while.
  • I don’t know why I even wrote this, because this is horrible.
  • I’m out of sync with this story and I don’t even know how this was going to end, to be honest

If you are one of the people that are in the first category (which I’m guilty of), then what is stopping you from finishing that story!? Do you really not want to finish it, or do you know that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and you just don’t want to do it? I find a lot of people suffer from this, myself included. I looked at one of my old stories, and found that this particular story needed a lot of work done to it. I just didn’t feel like working on it because I didn’t know what I wanted the ending to be.

If you don’t know why you wrote the story, you probably should outline it and decide what you want to do with it. All stories need some direction, no matter how good they are. I know without an outline I wouldn’t know what doesn’t and does work for my stories. Outlines I’ll cover in another post.

The last category was also myself with my Turbulence novel. This was painful, but I had to reread my notes and my story and find out the general direction that I wanted the story to go. In doing so I actually made an outline for another story that I’m working on. How rare is that to do?

All of us review and think that we have done horrible when we’re first starting out. I always have a memory associated with a story. It’s always something that I can identify with and that helps me grow as a writer.



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