Product Review: OneNote

Over December, I downloaded OneNote and started using it on Skydrive that Microsoft has offered to its users. For those who are trying it out, it is an excellent way to take “baby steps” for those trying out Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel.

But, let’s get back to OneNote.

One thing that I liked when using the WebApp version was that I could insert pictures. I was taking a course that required me to take notes and I just screen capped some things while I was taking it. It also allows you to make your own “notebook” with different sections and tabs.

If you write like I do, you’ll start to appreciate just how MUCH time you save with OneNote.

The way that you can make your own notebooks was one thing that really made me want to continue to use this software. Another thing that I love about it is that you can use it on your iPhone, Android, or on tablets. I also can use it on Skydrive through my Mac and save things on “the Cloud”. It’s very helpful when you’re on multiple computers.

When making character pages and different notes, it was very useful. This also was good for when I had tasks to put in different categories for the day. It made me really organized.

But like any good things, there are some bad things as well. The one thing that can be a turn off is that this can only be used with 2010 or on “the Cloud” and it is a Windows only program. There are programs LIKE OneNote for Mac, but they are not the same. The other thing is that the formatting goes when you use it on a mobile device, but that can be overlooked as well.

Despite these cons, I feel that this is worth purchasing and will continue to use it for my needs.

Did you have any issues with OneNote?


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