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Below are questions E.M. gets most often from fans, friends or others in the community. Each one is answered by her before going into her third person (or professional bio).


I wrote fanfiction and participated in role-play forums. After developing entire trilogies to finalize other writer’s unfinished storylines, it was time to start writing my own stuff and applying what I learned there.

Yes. I wrote within the Lufia, Graviation, Phoenix Wright and Gears of War communities, but I was the first prolific fanfiction author for the Lufia fanbase. Since then, several others have began writing their own stories.

In fact, several of them were featured back when RPGamer first started. (I was a heavy RPG geek when I was a teen, which carried into my thirties.) This is where my fanbase first developed.

Fanfiction fandoms don’t like people who create original characters, and over half my stories had “original characters” and “original supporting casts”. Once I realized I only liked certain characters, it changed my entire perspective on writing. Since then, I’ve written what I’ve wanted to read while staying true to my market genres.

Since I’ve left fanfiction writing, I’ve been satisifed with my career choice. Now, I  help business owners with professional copywriting, research and novel development while still being afforded new opportunites to grow within my career.

While I no longer update those works, you can still find them on the following sites:

  • RPGamer (in archives, since I believe they took their fanfiction stuff down)
  • Forfeit Island (archived)
  • The Ancient Cave
  • Lufia.net
  • Fanfiction.net
  • Y!Gallery
  • Deviantart

Before, it was a coping mechanism. Now, I do it for enjoyment because I’ve progressed as a writer. I feel comfortable creating worlds, memorable characters and using my past experiences to enrich the stories I weave together.

I write urban fantasy with supernatural/parnormal suspense and thriller elements. However, my second series will also explore a subplot of romance (PNR), because it’s a spinoff of my first series.

Eventually, I’d like to do some romantic comedy and detective noir.

You can see my current project on the sidebar whenever you visit other pages. I also am working on some collaborations with other authors, due out in the next few years. 🙂 However, I am also working on a novella within the Renegades Saga called Injustice, due out in 2018 sometime.

I have a project list, but I go by what my fanbase is looking for and their excitement toward each project. Currently, it is to finish my third book in the Renegades Saga, and then start on book one of the Soulstealer Chronicles. However this is subject to change at any time.

I have social media icons on the side of my pages. Just click on whichever social media platform you use the most. I appericate your interest and thank you in advance for the follow!

I appericate your interest and thank you in advance for the follow!



Third person bio

E.M. began writing when she turned 13 with fanfiction, but considered fictional writing after creating original characters and backstories within fandom universes. After extensive encouragement and building up her fanbase, E.M. plunged into original writing in 2012, specializing in paranormal mystery, urban fantasy and psychological thrillers.

She learned about the writing and publishing world while working at Borders Bookstores from 2008-2011, participating in running various book signings with indie authors, connecting with others and reading vast material to find her calling. After Borders shut down, she worked at Amazon in their Print on Demand (or Make on Demand) department, where E.M. learned about the expectations for self-publishing with CreateSpace and their software. After a year of working in this department, E.M. left the corporate world to pursue her dream in writing.

When she isn’t swamped with deadlines or editing a new piece, E.M. will assist other authors by editing short story pieces and novels. When E.M. is not helping clients, she’s usually busy with her next novel.

E.M.’s first series was self-published in mid-2016, along with several short stories in various anthologies. Readers can find more work from E.M. on her author page on Amazon.


Other information:


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For writing hints, tips and progress, check out E.M.’s blog.

To work with E.M., check out her services page. She helps all sorts of business owners, authors, coaches and clients.


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